Little League Inneturnering i Mjøndalen

Første Little League inneturnering i Mjøndalen en suksess

What a great Little League Game-Day!

Kristiansand Suns and Sandefjord Vikings, as well as players from Loggers, Royals and Alligators made their way to Mjøndalen for our very first indoor Mjøndalen Little League Baseball Cup. The kids had a blast playing baseball, running relays, hitting balls in the batting cage (and  hanging out around the kiosk?). These kids never cease to amaze us with their motivation and joy of playing baseball!! 

New MIF leader Svein Erik started the cup with a perfect ceremonial first pitch. Pål and Michael umped three close and exciting games with good pitching, swinging and even a home run! Judging by today’s games, 2019 will be a very interesting baseball season!

The best way to summarize our first indoor cup: We are humbled by the experience! From the moment, we started planning the cup, we’ve received only support and a positive attitude from those around us. MIF, BUK, NSBF, our local Kiwi, Loggers, Brown Sox parents and -kids were instantly onboard and supported us in every way possible.

THANK YOU for a fantastic day…( it too early to hope for a repeat in 2019…?)

MIF Brown Sox

Del med dine venner!

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